Defense Distribution Center (DDC)

Defense Distribution Center (DDC)

Navarro & Wright Consulting Engineers, Inc. (N&W) is completing a Boundary Survey and establishing a Ground Control Network of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Defense Distribution Center, Susquehanna, located in New Cumberland, York County, Pennsylvania. The site consists of approximately 855 acres with 35,000 linear feet of boundary line. The adjoining properties are mainly comprised of public highways and the Norfolk Southern Railroad (NSR). Another significant adjoiner is the Capital City Airport which is part of the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA). This project will require coordination with the DLA, NSR and SARAA in addition to private property owners.

N&W’s office staff performed record research required for the project. In addition to the records provide by the DLA, N&W performed independent research of the subject deed and adjoining properties. N&W is creating a deed Mosaic from all pertinent records to illustrate the record boundary lines, courses, monumentation, and other calls. This Mosaic will aid in the initial field investigation and boundary determination, and may help identify potential boundary conflicts or areas requiring further research.

N&W’s professional and field staff have performed initial field reconnaissance to determine the number and location of boundary and control monuments remaining on the site and will combine static GPS observations with conventional total station surveys to perform the Boundary Survey.

The Control Monument Network will consist of 43, USAC Type G cast-in-place concrete monuments with cast iron access covers. Static GPS observations will be combined with conventional total station surveys will be utilized to establish monument coordinates to satisfy Second Order, Class II horizontal positions and Third Order elevation requirements.

Project deliverables will include a Survey Control Report, Boundary Report, Boundary Plat and metes & bounds description.