Cultural Resources

N&W’s cultural resources management professionals support a wide spectrum of clients with permitting and compliance work.  Our clients include federal, military, state transportation and environmental agencies, and municipal departments, as well as engineering firms, private developers, and non-prfit organizations.  Our archaeologist complete geomorphological assessments, archaeological surveys, site evaluations, and data recovery excavations.  Our historic preservation professionals deliver architectural resources studies, as well as structural condition assessments, feasibility studies, historic structures reports, and restoration and rehabilitation projects.  In addition to doing U.S. projects, they are also connected to the international world of heritage conservation through projects and volunteer work completed in France, Algeria, and Italy.


Cultural Resources services include:arch dig-franklintwp

  • Analysis and Curation
  • Literature Searches and Background Studies –
  • Geomorphological Assessments
  • Archaeological Field Surveys and Site Examinations
  • Data Recovery Excavations
  • Historic Resource Surveys and Eligibility Determinations
  • Effects Assessments
  • Architectural Recordation
  • Agency Coordination
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting

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