Drilling Services

N&W is a leader among geotechnical engineering firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.  We offer drilling services for all phases of geotechnical site investigations in Pennsylvania and certified in Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia.

We engage in an array of project phases, from drilling to administration of drilling contracts, providing subsurface design information, composition of geotechnical engineering reports, and numerous other specialized services.  It is this combined expertise in drilling and geotechnical capabilities that propels us ahead when comprehensive services are needed. In the field, our engineers, geologists, inspectors and drillers utilize advanced technologies; and in our labs, technicians test soil and rock samples using automated equipment, all calibrated to regulatory specifications.

N&W is proud to be a member and certified driller of the National Drilling Association and National Groundwater Association (NGWA). Our drilling services staff bring over 30 years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of drilling and geotechnical engineering services.

Drilling services include:

  • Angle Boring
  • OSHA Certified Drill Crews
  • SPT Sampling
  • Augering and Mud Rotary
  • NQ/NX Rock Coring
  • Masonry Drilling
  • Grouting
  • Monitor Well Installations
  • Low Clearance Drilling
  • Pavement Cores
  • NW(8”) & HW(4”) Flush Joint Casing

Drilling Equipment include;

  • Acker ADII – Truck-Mounted Rig
  • Acker Soil Scout – Track Rig
  • Core Bore Electric Core Drill
  • ChemGrout Portable Grouter