Water Supply

Protecting water resources through sound engineering is a key strength of our firm.  Our Water Supply Group encompasses a variety of water-related projects and programs ranging from water supply, treatment and distribution/storage to water resources management and full environmental services.  We provide feasibility studies, hydraulic analysis, water mains, storage tanks, pumping stations, water treatment facility evaluations and design and construction assistance.

Navarro & Wright recognizes that Water Resources covers a broader range than simply water.   Scarcity of resources, aging infrastructure and technical innovation—are all tied to our efforts in providing our clients sustainable solutions that reflect the best practices in water resource knowledge, experience and innovation.


Water Supply services include:

Comprehensive Planning

  • Source Development Studies & Investigations
  • Unaccounted for Water Studies
  • Water Distribution System Master Planning Studies
  • Water Treatment Feasibility Study
  • Permitting Capacity Studies
  • Hydrogeological Studies
  • Wellhead Protection Plans
  • Water Treatment Residuals Handling & Disposal Alternatives
  • Treatment Optimization Studies
  • Third Party/Second Opinion Reviews
  • Water Treatment/Distibution System Upgrade & Expansion Studies
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Rate Studies
  • Funding Studies/Loan & Grant Applications

Treatment Facilities

  • New Water Treatment Plant Design
  • Water Treatment Plant Expansion/Modifications
  • Process Design, Evaluation, & Optimization
  • Water Treatment Resources Handling & Disposal Facilities Design
  • Permitting & Regulatory Compliance
  • Pilot Testing
  • Membrane Filtration Systems
  • Advanced & Specialized Treatment Systems
  • Process Control/SCADA System Design
  • Energy Conservation

Water Distibution/Storage

  • Water Transmission Mains
  • Water Distribution System Design, Evaluation & Rehabilitation
  • Booster Pumping Station Design
  • Water Storage Tank Design/Rehabilitation
  • Telemetry/Process Control System Design
  • Metering Vault Design
  • Remote Disinfection Facilities
  • Fire Protection Storage & Distribution Systems
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Water Quality Modeling
  • Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

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